Water and sunlight are the two most essential things your lawn needs to grow and thrive. However, in this case, too much of a good thing is detrimental to your lawn’s health. While you can’t control the sunlight, the amount and frequency of water are totally up to you.

Overwatering your lawn is a common problem and creates a vicious cycle for lawn owners. Many people assume that their lawn is suffering because they are underwatering it, so they continue adding more water, making matters worse.

If you find yourself confused about proper lawn care and frantically searching for “irrigation supply near me,” you might just be another victim of overwatering. Nutrien Water put together a list of the four most common signs of overwatering your lawn to help you correct your garden irrigation routine. Let’s take a look.

1. Water Runoff

Water runoff indicates that your soil is not absorbing all the water you’re giving to it. There are two reasons water runoff may occur. First, it may mean that your soil is malabsorptive. If this is the case, you need a soil wetting agent or fertiliser to ensure it absorbs the water and provides your lawn with proper nutrients. Alternatively, it could mean that your soil is already oversaturated with water and cannot absorb any more.

2. Spongy Lawn

A simple step test can reveal if your lawn is spongy, which is a key indicator that you’re overwatering. When you give your grass too much water, it tends to sit underneath the surface and cause the turf to bubble up. Step on a few different areas to see if it feels squishy and spongy.

3. Growing Fungi and Weeds

While overwatering your lawn makes it difficult for grass to grow, it creates the perfect conditions for fungi and weeds. Take a look at your lawn to see if you can spot weeds, mushrooms or discolouration on the blades of grass.

Get the Right Garden Irrigation Supplies

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