Ponds are beautiful water features that add personality and dimension to any backyard. However, without the right pond equipment or maintenance routine, your pond can quickly transform into an algae-infested, green-watered nightmare.

To get the most out of your pond in Perth, Nutrien Water compiled this list of information you should know and pond cleaning equipment you should acquire before you start digging.

How Big Is Your Pond Going to Be?

While most pond owners could tell you the diameter of their pond, you also need to know the depth to calculate the water volume. When it comes time to purchase pond equipment like water pumps and filters, you need to know how many litres of water your pond holds. Knowing the water volume will also help you decide the number of fish and plants, the level of water treatment, predicting water bills, etc.

Where in Your Yard is the Pond Site?

The location of your pond has a massive effect on your pond cleaning routine.

  • First, consider sun exposure. Ponds should receive roughly six hours of sunlight a day; too much afternoon sun causes the water to overheat and algae to grow.
  • Next, consider overhanging trees. Sticks and leaves falling from trees can clog your water filters.
  • Finally, consider the proximity to your home. If you don’t want to hear your water features running or trickling water, make sure you keep some distance between the house and your pond site.

Stock Up on Pond Cleaning Equipment

Keeping your pond clean requires daily maintenance but having the right pond cleaning equipment can reduce manual labour. Here’s a list of pond equipment you’ll need:

  • Pond Filter: A high-efficiency, pressurised pond filter system circulates your pond water to prevent algae build-up. The PondMax P/F UV Clarifiers are perfect for small ponds.
  • Pond Vacuum: While you should be using a pond skimmer to remove debris from the water’s surface, a pond vacuum, like the PondMAX Pro, can remove sludge and debris that has sunk to the bottom of the pond.
  • Water Feature Pump: A water pump delivers fresh water to your pond to keep it clean. The PondMAX All-In-One 2600 combines the functions of a pump and quality pond filter into a single unit.

Use Pond Water Treatments

Even with an impeccable cleaning routine, your pond water might need some extra help from pond treatment solutions. PondMAX makes several different water treatments to target the cause of your dirty pond.

  • BactiMAX removes ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and organic debris.
  • DetoxMAX removes chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals.
  • CleanMAX removes debris and adds oxygen to the water.

Talk to the Experts About Your Pond’s Needs

Whether you’re thinking about building a pond or you already have one, Nutrien Water can help you keep the water clean. We’re Perth’s favourite water irrigation supply store, and we have all the pond cleaning equipment and experience to guide you in the right direction. Get started on finding the right products by sending us a message online.

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