We all know that water is one of the healthiest things we can drink, but did you know that the kind of water you drink matters too? While water is a healthy substitute for juice and sugary sodas, unfiltered water contains harmful chemicals that leave you with a dissatisfying experience and side effects.

To ensure your water tastes pure and is as healthy as it can be, you need a water filtration system in your home. Nutrien Water shares five reasons why water filtration should be a priority for you. Hint: It really does make your water healthier!

Removing Chlorine and Lead from the Water

Chlorine and lead are two of the most common and harmful things found in the residential water supply. Chlorine causes health problems and pipe erosion. Lead also causes significant health problems, but it’s impossible to taste. Since you probably can’t detect them on your own, you need to trust the best water filtration to do it for you.

Unfiltered Water Causes Stomach Problems

If you’ve ever experienced stomach pain after eating a meal, it might not have been the food that ailed you. Unfiltered tap water contains toxins that lead to stomach troubles ranging from slightly upset to an entire stomach bug.

It Causes Other Health Problems Too

In addition to stomach problems, drinking unfiltered water is linked to a host of other health issues too. Your water could be the root cause of your headaches, loss of appetite, dizziness, insomnia, nutrient malabsorption and all kinds of other health problems.

Filtered Water is Accessible to Everyone

One of the most common misconceptions about water filtration is that it’s expensive or not available for every household. While installing a whole house water filtration system may have a bigger price tag, almost anyone can purchase an undersink water filter for their kitchen faucet. Nutrien’s most affordable undersink water filter is only $225.

Give Your Body A Detox

Think about all the ways unfiltered water finds its way into your body besides explicitly drinking it. If you’ve been experiencing health issues and can’t trace them back to anything else, your water could be the culprit. Try switching to filtered water and see if your body naturally returns to a healthy homeostasis.

What’s the Best Water Filtration System?

Drinking filtered water can improve your health from head to toe. Save yourself and your family from headaches, tummy troubles, constipation, digestive issues, and so much more by simply installing a water filtration system.

The best water filtration system depends on your needs. How large is your house? How much water do you use during peak usage times? Do you want a whole house or undersink water filter? What harmful elements do you need to filter out of your water supply?

At the end of the day, any water filter is better than none. Talk to your local filtration supply store in Perth to help match you with a filtration system for your home. Book a consultation online with Nutrien Water today.

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