A koi pond is a stunning outdoor water feature, but nobody, including the fish, wants to deal with green pond water. High-quality water treatment plays a huge role in maintaining your pond’s habitat. If you’ve noticed green pond water or that your fish have been acting differently, that’s a sign to investigate water treatment systems.

By following Nutrien Water’s guide to green pond water treatment, anyone in Perth can become a pond care expert. Take a look at these tips to keep your pond water clean.

1. Maintain a Proportional Fish Population

Your Koi population has a significant influence on the colour and contents of your pond water. Too few fish can lead to the overgrowth of algae, while having too many fish creates a waste problem and murky water.

2. Add or Take Away Plants

Your plant population affects the health of your fish and the pond water. During the summertime, plants should shade or cover only 40-60% of your pond’s surface area. If you have too many plants, this can cause oxygen deficiencies. Your fish need oxygen to survive.

3. Check Your Water Pump Size

With fish health taken care of, it’s time to consider the mechanics of maintaining a healthy pond. Green pond water often stems from using the incorrect water pump size.

Your water pump should circulate the entire water volume at least once every hour to prevent algae build-up. Even if you are using the correct size of water pump, you should check to ensure that algae and debris aren’t blocking the pump’s flow.

4. Clean Debris from the Pond

Pond water treatment requires some manual labour too. You can use a pond skimmer to remove debris from the water’s surface. It’s vital to remove dirt, leaves, sticks, fish waste and leftover fish food before it sinks to the bottom of the pond and starts to decay. When debris begins to decay, it spikes ammonia levels in your pond water. Ammonia is harmful to your fish and plants.

5. Use a Pond Water Filter

Pond water filters are essential components in functioning water treatment systems. Nutrien Water’s PondMAX Pressure Filters are high-efficiency water filters that use UV-C technology to make your pond water crystal clear.

6. Try a Green Pond Water Treatment Solution

All of the tips above proactively prevent green pond water, but what should you do if your pond water is already green? That’s the perfect time to use a pond treatment, such as the PondMAX 3-in-1 Solution. This solution treats blanketweed, green water, string algae and pond sludge. Plus, it’s safe for fish, plants and wildlife.

Finding Your Ideal Water Treatment Routine

Keeping your Koi Pond water clean is easy with the right equipment and cleaning routine! Get started on your journey to clean pond water by finding a water pump, pond filter and water treatment solution. Pond owners in Perth can talk to the experts at Nutrien Water to discover the best water treatment system for their needs.

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