Deciding which home filtration system is best for your house and family is a daunting task. To make it easier for you to find the best home water filtration system, Nutrien Water has come up with four considerations. Answer these questions to discover which drinking water filtration system you should purchase!

Whole House vs. Undersink Drinking Water Filtration System

There are two types of home filtration systems: a whole house water filter or an under sink water filter. A whole house filter, or point of entry system, treats all of the water as it enters your home. An undersink filter, or point of use system, is installed under a particular sink in your home and only treats the water as it passes through that particular faucet.

How Many Rooms in Your Home Require Water?

If you opt for a whole house filtration system, it helps to understand your household’s water usage requirements. Some home filtration systems are based on the maximum water flow rate in your home. Think about peak usage times for water and how many water sources are running during these times. For example, someone may be taking a shower while the dishwasher is running, while the toilet is flushing. Make sure your water filter can handle the maximum flow in your home.

What’s in Your Water?

Another determining factor for the best home water filtration system is what you’re trying to filter out of your water. Perth, for instance, has hard water, which contains excessive amounts of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Some households have more dangerous things in their water supply, like lead. Consider having your water tested to determine what harmful elements you need to filter.

Do You Have a Private Well or Use City Water?

Finally, your home’s water source will affect which water filtration system you need. For example, if you use Perth’s public water supply, you may decide that you’re not okay with drinking the contaminants, but you don’t mind if they are in your shower water. However, if you have a private well, you may be more likely to purchase a whole house filtration system.

While Perth’s public water supply is relatively safe, there are still many contaminants that we would be better off avoiding. Furthermore, some neighbourhoods run into issues with leaking or rusting pipes that contaminate the water supply.

Homes with a private well have different concerns. E Coli and coliform bacteria are often found in well water, and these are both dangerous forms of bacteria for humans to consume.

Schedule a Consultation with a Professional

If you need additional help deciding what kind of home water filtration system you need in Perth, visit Nutrien Water’s Store Locator to find a water filter supply store near you. Otherwise, book a consultation online with a professional technician to answer your most pressing questions about home water filters.

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