Nelson Control Valve 800 Series

You will fully appreciate the extra built-in quality and reliability of a Nelson control valve when it performs under the most demanding operating conditions. As a hydraulically operated sleeve type valve, the 800 Series is designed for versatility. The basic body can be equipped with several different control packages in various combinations for controlling pressure and flow in large piping systems. It’s also engineered for extremely high efficiency, resulting in low friction loss and high capacity. It’s light weight and compact for ease of shipping, handling and service. Options include: basic control, manual control, automatic control, pressure control, rate-of-flow control, combination, and special purpose (check valve, sleeve exhaust, special on/off, or special function).



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Features & Benefits

• Ability to run entire system at a lower pressure, saving on energy costs.
• High-flow capacity with low friction loss.
• Superior pressure control.
• Lightweight and compact design for easy shipping, installation and repair.
• Special natural rubber sleeve diaphragm which is resilient under high pressure, resistant to common irrigation chemicals, and flexible to assure leak-proof shutoff.
• Highest quality heavy duty materials of corrosion resistant galvanized steel, brass and coated cast iron and a hard chromed pressure regulating spool.
• Special design that requires minimal water flow to operate, reducing solenoid and regulator plugging.
• Self-flushing inlet screen.
• Top-quality quick-release tubing connectors.
• Freeze proof external filter.
• Valve Selector Software.


• System Headworks
• Drip Irrigation System
• Pivot End Gun Control Valve
• Zone Control

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