As a community we are becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits of drinking water. We want clean water; we want safe water; we want water that is deliciously refreshing and free of harmful contaminants.  However, many of us don’t understand the different processes used to ensure that our H2O is safe, or which method is best suited to our needs – after all, what is water purification and is it different to filtration?

The two terms, filtration and purification, are often used synonymously but they have very different meanings.  Let’s take a moment to find out what’s what:

Filter: any substance… through which liquid or gas is passed to remove suspended impurities (

Purify: to make pure; free from anything that debases, pollutes, adulterates, or contaminates (


Water filtration is a natural process which occurs all around us.  As rainwater seeps down through the various layers of the earth’s surface, impurities such as chemicals, dirt and other contaminants are naturally removed.  By the time this water reaches the underground aquifer, it is free of particles and other suspended impurities.

In the domestic setting, we can imitate this natural phenomenon by passing our mains water through an under-sink filtration system.  Puretec water filtration systems ensure that the water that comes out of your taps is clean, free from odors and totally safe for drinking.


100% pure water contains only oxygen and hydrogen.  However, even the water from the cleanest mountain spring isn’t 100% pure – all water found in nature’s rivers and springs contains a certain amount of dissolved minerals and other elements.

Water purification as we know it involves the mechanical removal of bacteria and sediments from water.  Many water treatment systems use chemicals such as chlorine and iodine to clean the water and make it safe for human consumption.  It is important to note that during the purification process, ‘good’ or beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium may also be removed.

There is rising global concern about chlorine resistant parasites which may survive regular purification systems and remain in drinking water.  In this instance, an additional filtration system may be necessary to ensure that the water is completely free of contamination.

Is Purified or Filtered Water Better for Me?

There’s no doubt that purified water is the purest water available.  However, it may not be the healthiest – the removal of beneficial minerals and electrolytes naturally found in water may be detrimental to your health.

Water is essential for life, and excellent water is essential for a healthy and happy life.  Choosing the right water treatment plan for your home, office or caravan will ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of delicious, fresh and clean water straight from the tap!