Having a home water filtration system gives you and your family the ultimate peace of mind about your drinking water. Since you can count on your water filter to get rid of minerals and chemicals in your water, you can drink without worry, forget tummy troubles and enjoy the taste of clean water!

But, have you ever stopped to think about the mechanics of complete home filtration? How does your water filter actually work to keep your drinking water clean?

As one of the leading water filtration companies in Perth, Nutrien Water is here to answer all your questions about whole house and undersink filtration systems. Let’s dive into the science behind clean drinking water!

Water Filter Basics

In basic terms, a home water filtration system works by trapping the undesirable elements in the water supply and only allowing the clean water to pass through to the faucet. Some complete home filtration systems have a real filter, like microscopic pores that trap bacteria while letting water through. Others use materials like carbon or sand to scrub the water and make it clean.

Water Filtration for the Home

Homeowners that want clean water for drinking and cooking might consider a reverse osmosis undersink water filtration system. These water filters go under the kitchen faucet and purify the water with a pre-filter, post-filter, membrane composite and water storage tank.

As water passes through an undersink filtration system, the components work together to remove dangerous organic compounds, chlorine, bacteria, chemicals and contaminants. The pre-filter starts by removing large particles using activated carbon. The composite membrane is thinner and filters out small particles and bacteria. The post-filter uses granular carbon to scrub the water clean before it reaches the storage tank.

Whole House Water Filtration System

An undersink water filter is ideal for cleaning your drinking and cooking water, but some homeowners prefer a whole house water filtration system that filters all of the water that enters the home. Whole house water filtration systems use activated carbon to cleanse the water of VOC’s, chloramines and other harmful pathogens at the source.

A whole house water filtration system has several large tanks of activated carbon depending on the size of the house. As the water enters the home, it runs through these tanks, and the activated carbon absorbs the harmful materials.

Whole house water filtration systems require very little maintenance. The homeowner must determine peak water usage times and can set a timer on which the water filtration system runs.

Whole house filtration systems are a smart investment for homes in areas with a poor quality water supply. They ensure you get the cleanest water for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing and every other use.

Water Filtration Companies in Perth

If you’re looking for a way to purify your home’s water supply, Nutrien Water can help you find the right water filtration system. Located in Perth, we have multiple locations and many professionals to listen to your needs and find a filter to suit. Book a consultation online with a professional technician to learn more.

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