We get it: winter just isn’t the season for spending time in your pool.  In fact, while you’re rugged up by the fire with a book and a hot chocolate, it’s easy to totally forget about your outdoor summer oasis!  Regardless of the weather, maintaining your pool during winter is super important and failure to do so could be a costly mistake…

Nobody cherishes the thought of having to spend time cleaning out a winter’s worth of debris and algae from their pool – it’s time consuming, costly and very tedious.  However, the good news is that thoughtful planning and routine maintenance is all it takes to keep your pool sparkling all winter long.  Follow the simple steps below to keep your investment in tip top condition this winter:

General Maintenance

The cliché ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ is never truer than when it comes to maintaining your pool!

Check your pool pump plus all fittings, pipework, heaters and filters regularly to ensure that all parts are working properly.  If your area experiences extremely cold winters, it is important to ensure that no excess water is left in the pipes – frozen water may cause pipes to rupture.

Other sundry tasks such as scrubbing waterline tiles and cleaning glass panels and fencing are also easier to do when the pool isn’t in use.  Set aside a bit of time and give your pool area an overhaul – believe us when we say you’ll appreciate it when the warmer weather returns!

Tidy Up

When the weather begins to cool down it’s time to prepare your pool for winter.  Routine garden maintenance in the area around your pool is a must: trim all bushes and overhanging trees to minimize the chance of leaves and other debris falling into the water.  It’s important to realize that a buildup of leaves and other junk in your pool will collect in your skimmer box and ultimately make your pool pump work harder.  A good haircut at the beginning of winter should keep your greenery under control for several months and stimulate new plant growth once the weather warms up.

Get the Right Balance

Get your pool water analyzed by a professional.  It’s important that the chemistry of your water is right at the beginning of the ‘off season’.  Then for the next few months, it’s simply a matter of regular testing (every 2 weeks or so) and adjusting the balance of chemicals accordingly.

Install A Pool Cover

Covering your water is the best way to ensure that animals, leaves, dirt and any other unwanted objects don’t land in your pool.  A professionally fitted pool cover means that less junk ends up in your skimmer box, saving you time and headaches when it comes to cleaning out the filters.

Timber Decking

For many areas of our country, winter means rain – lots of rain!  If your pool area has a timber decking surround, the end of autumn or beginning of winter is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and get to work sanding and re-oiling the timberwork to protect it from the elements.

Caring for your pool during winter isn’t hard.  Routine checks, a bit of elbow grease here and there and some careful forethought might save you a lot of headaches and time down the track, and when spring comes, your water paradise will be as good as new!