Nelson O3000 Orbitor – Pivot Sprinkler

Featuring technology that eliminates the struts of a sprinkler body, Nelson’s new Pivot Orbitor provides outstanding uniformity and optimal droplets at low pressures (.7-1.4 bar, 10-20 psi). Expect long wear life and durability in poor water conditions, because there are no sprinkler body struts for debris to hang up on.





• OUTSTANDING UNIFORMITY AT LOW PRESSURE. Designed specifically for use on mechanical move irrigation systems – center pivots and linear/lateral machines – the Orbitor delivers a uniform water application pattern.

• REDUCED WIND DRIFT AND EVAPORATION LOSS. Strut-less sprinkler body design reduces droplet breakup, drift and drool.


• STREAMLINED DESIGN. Streamlined for excellent movement through canopy and over field obstacles.

• COLOR-CODED NOZZLES. The 3TN Nozzle system is at the center of the 3000 Series Pivot Product line with easy-to-identify, wear-resistant, precision-accurate nozzles. The quick-change adapter allows you to remove the Orbitor for easy cleaning of a plugged nozzle — without tools and without shutting down the system. It’s a snap to change nozzles in mid-season.

• VERSATILE MODULAR DESIGNBecause no one sprinkler is right for all conditions, the 3000 Series features modular design components which are easily interchangeable. You may want to start out the season with one configuration and change to a different one later.

• Pressure Range: .7-1.4 BAR (10-20 PSI )
• Relative Throw Distance: throw diameter 1.8-17.7M (58′)
(mounting height 1.8M, at 1.0BAR with #36 Nozzle)
• Nozzle Type: 3TN #11-50

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