Davey Jumbo Mukmova

Looking for the easiest way to get food in or waste out? Davey Mukmova pumps provide a fast, efficient solution. Don’t let the name fool you, there’s more to Mukmova than you think.


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Mukmova pumps are robust! Featuring single stage, open vane, semi vortex, self-priming centrifugal driven single or three stage TEFC motor, with a thick sectioned cast iron pump body. Mukmova pumps have flow rates of up to 600lpm, and big brother, the Jumbo Mukmova with flow rates of up to 800lpm, are the fastest way to deal with all your liquid transfer needs.
For effective and efficient movement of waste, you can’t go past the Mukmova and its big brother, Jumbo Mukmova. Ideal for pumping effluent water, or water containing soft solids in suspension – including dairy or piggery waste.
For feeding needs, the Mukmova range of pumps will easily handle liquid food transfer requirements. Need to move Bentonite sludge or Sawdust muds – Mukmova is your answer.
This fast self-priming pump from Davey is a good choice for your wide and varied farming and manufacturing needs.

Why choose Davey Jumbo Mukmova™ Pumps?
• Robust cast iron casing with thick walls for longer pump life.
• Open impeller design allows for high solids passage (up to 25x40mm) with little chance of blockage.
• Internal armoured volute plate made of nodular cast iron to resist the abrasive and corrosive action of liquids even with solids in suspension.
• The armoured volute plate is fixed to the casing without screws for fast and easy removal.
• Self-priming action allows the pump to prime without the need to fill the pipe and to be operated without a foot value to reduce the risk of blockages.
• Large priming and drain plugs for fast filling and draining of the pump casing.
• Comes with companion flanges for easy installation of piping.


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