An efficient and effective irrigation system is crucial for the maintenance and aesthetics of sporting grounds, some of the benefits which include increased sporting participation and reduced risk of injury to sports persons (and therefore reduced sporting club and council liability). The importance of efficient irrigation has been most evident in recent years, with drought and resulting low water availability significantly impacted the quality of sporting grounds for both summer and winter activities across Australia

A well designed irrigation system provides good water efficiency and a reliable supply of water, whilst minimising labour and maintenance costs. Designs which incorporate the use of grey water, recycled water and/or fertigation are other components of a well designed system.

Total Eden has been involved in the irrigation industry for over 20 years and has the skill and experience to design, supply and install quality irrigation solutions for all sorts of sport areas including football and cricket ovals, rugby and soccer pitches, bowling greens and tennis courts.

We stock all the leading brands of sprinkler, pump and monitoring equipment and specialise in the use of advanced computer based water management systems, which assist you to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your system. The fact that Total Eden designers are all IAL Certified means that your irrigation system will be managed by the best in the industry.