You’ve invested loads of time and money into your landscaping project… now it’s time to show it off!  And the good news is that you can enjoy your efforts day and night – just because it’s dark doesn’t mean that you must stay indoors!  By installing landscape lighting and LED pond lights, you can turn your garden into a night time sensation, allowing you and your friends to appreciate your garden’s beauty after hours!

But wait, there’s more.  Landscape lighting does more than just turn your property into a midnight wonderland.  Lights add an extra level of safety and protection.  So, let’s take a moment to look at some of the obvious and not-so-obvious advantages of garden lights:

Curbside Appeal

There are times when you need your home to stand out from the pack, and with garden lighting, you can easily achieve this goal.  Use landscape lighting to highlight features such as retaining walls, trees, fountains, statues and garden ornaments.  Correct placement of lights will allow you to transform the appearance of the house itself – illuminate gables and other architectural features to take your home to the next level of street appeal.

LED pond lights

Personal Enjoyment

Your home is your personal sanctuary, and it’s important that you can enjoy the rewards of the physical and financial effort you’ve poured into it.  Using garden lights, you can draw attention to things that matter to you: a tree, a pond or a garden ornament you particularly love. Use lighting to tell your personal gardening story.

Outdoor Entertaining

Garden lighting makes outdoor entertaining more enjoyable and also more practical.  You can position your landscape lighting to illuminate deck areas, light paths and create that ‘wow’ factor to impress your guests.

Garden Safety

Walking in the garden after dark can be a recipe for disaster unless your property has enough garden lighting.  Use landscape lighting to illuminate fences, paths and ornaments so that you and your friends can navigate your garden safely.  Lining the driveway with lights will help vehicle drivers to enter and exit the property safely at night.

LED pond lights

Water Safety

LED pond lights are a must if you have a water feature in your garden.  Unlit ponds at night are a safety hazard, especially for young children and elderly people, so ensure that yours is well illuminated.  Many people opt for floating lights – they light up the water feature while adding an extra ‘wow’ factor to the pond. 

Crime Deterrent

Well-lit homes are less likely to be a magnet for nighttime break-ins.  Position your garden lights so that they illuminate possible access points such as doorways and windows and other dark areas where criminals could potentially hide.

Many landscape lighting options are solar-powered and can be easily installed by the average DIY-er.  And for more expert advice and tips on landscape and pond lighting, contact the team at Total Eden today.