Central Control Systems provide an efficient way to control your irrigation system, managing the timing and volume of irrigation application. The introduction of Central Control Systems to your irrigation system, whether it is a golf course, sporting ground, public garden or school, will reduce labour and energy costs and save significant volumes of water.

There are several types of control systems on the market, from basic units with set timing and volume components, to more sophisticated systems, which comprise weather monitoring equipment to adjust the amount and timing of irrigation according to the weather conditions at that time. Your budget and scale of irrigation will determine which systems best suits your situation.

Total Eden has been specialising in the design and configuration of Central Control Systems since they were first developed in the 1990’s. The advantage of using Total Eden is that we employ Certified Irrigation Designers with the skill and experience to design a system which best suits your circumstances and budget. We are able to connect a Central Control System to an existing or newly installed irrigation unit – no job is too hard for us.