Trying to figure out exactly what size of water transfer pump you need for your water feature? If you’re unfamiliar with the water pump terms and functions, the numbers can be confusing. However, thanks to this guide from Nutrien Water, you don’t have to get bogged down by the jargon and math behind water feature pumps. Whether you have a pond, pool, fountain or another water feature, here’s how to find the right water pump for your needs.

Water Transfer Pump Specs

Several specs come into play when searching for the right water transfer pump.

  • Flow Rate: How many litres of water must be circulated per hour or minute?
  • Max Head Capacity and Lift: How far vertically must the water travel from the well or bore to the pipe system?
  • Cord Length: If you’re using an electric water pump, you need to ensure that the cord can reach an outlet from the water feature.
  • Wattage: How much energy does your pump use?
  • Voltage: Your pump is designed to operate at a certain voltage. If the voltage is not high enough, this can damage the pump.

Determining the Flow Rate

Litres per minute or hour is the measurement used to determine the circulation needs of your water feature. The best practice is to circulate all of the water in your pond, pool or fountain at least once an hour.

Determining Max Head Capacity

You also need to know the head height and lift of your water feature. The head height measures the vertical height from the water level to the top of your water feature or where the water spits out. The lift measures the vertical distance between the water pump and where the water spits out.

When you are shopping for a water transfer pump, you will see a spec called max head. This is the maximum distance that the water pump can push the water straight up.

Perth’s Best Water Feature Pumps

Once you know the measurements, it’s time to think about your application. For instance, you know that pool water features will require a larger, more powerful pump than a small fountain. Nutrien Water is a water feature supply store in Perth, and we have a handful of water transfer pumps for all of your needs. Take a look:

PondMAX Evoll Submersible Pumps

Ideal for water gardening needs and small applications, such as fountains, aquatic systems, aquariums and hydroponics.

PondMAX EV DC Low Voltage Pumps

12-volt, solar power compatible pump designed for fountains, water features, aquaponics and ponds.

PondMAX PV Pump

Affordable water pump for patio ponds, statues, small water features and hydroponics.

PondMAX 2600 All-In-1 Pump and UV-C Filter System

This pump includes a compact, submersible filter to enhance your pond and pool water features by combatting green water and algae.

CTA: To speak with a professional about your water feature pump needs, send a message to Nutrien Water or find a location near you.

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