A common question that we are asked at Puretec is “Why should I change my filters regularly?”. A great question! Using a filtration system for your mains or rainwater is a simple way to enjoy peace of mind. However, if you’re not changing your filters and lamps (on ultraviolet systems) regularly they may not be doing their job effectively.

To explain this better, let’s talk about what happens to a filter as it gets older. Many filters have pores or media which trap or attract bacteria and contaminants like sediment, rust and odours. Once your filter is full of these contaminants water will then struggle to get through and what does may not be filtered effectively.

If you are using an ultraviolet system the lamp also needs to be replaced every 12 months to guarantee effectiveness. The lamp may still be on after this time but if it’s not at full strength it will no longer be killing 99.9% of the bacteria in the water that passes through. Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s effectiveness is at 100%.


All Puretec products have been extensively tried and tested to ensure the correct capacity of each filter has been assigned to each individual cartridge type. Please note that whilst the capacity has been measured under test parameters that the capacity of each filter cartridge will depend ultimately on water conditions. Areas with high sediment for example will need to be changed more frequently than somewhere with less contaminants.

Pleated sediment cartridges can be re-used by removing the cartridge and washing it down with clean water. The Puretec Filter Cartridge Cleaning Gun connects to a standard garden hose whilst the bristles dislodge and loosen the sediment. It also has a compartment that is ideal for TankSafe™ for extra-effective cleaning. Once clean, the cartridge can be re-installed. Pleated cartridges can only be re-used 3-4 times until they will need to be fully replaced or until they start to show signs of wear. Over time the pleats of the cartridge will start to roughen in appearance, the pores will open up and will start to allow larger particles through.

Prior to installation always read the installation guide and instructions on any filter cartridge you purchase. Specialty cartridges such as nitrate removal filter cartridges require preconditioning prior to installation and require regeneration once the capacity has been reached.

Most Puretec cartridges are recommended to be changed every 6 – 12 months or when taste or odour returns.